Is it mandatory to use CMA CGM / CEVA services once a deal is closed ?

Wednesday, September 01st 2021

The cargo from deals closed on the NETWORKING services marketplace will have to be booked with CMA CGM / CEVA Logistics. We offer greate felxibility to our customers with the combination CMA CGM and CEVA Logistics.

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What kind of commodity can i sell on this marketplace ?

Any type of commodity can be sold the marketplace. You can then find any commodity there. 

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Can I sign the NETWORKING services commercial agreement online?

​​​​​​The commercial agreement will continue to be signed offline in collaboration with the NETWORKING services team

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How can I post my first offer?

​​​​​​You must first register as a seller through the seller registration form accessible via the “Register now” page. Once your application is approved, you will receive an email View more

Can a seller access other seller on the marketplace?

Only a buyer can search seller offers and contact them.

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How may I request freight / logistics quotations from CMA CGM and CEVA?

​​​​​​​Such requests will continue to be handled through your dedicated NETWORKING services representative. If in doubt, please contact our customer support via the “Help” page.View more