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World Conservation Congress à Marseille : le Groupe CMA CGM engagé pour le climat et la biodiversité

Tuesday, June 29th 2021

Congrès Mondial de la Nature à Marseille : le Groupe CMA CGM s’engage pour le climat et la biodiversité. Pour plus d'informations...

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Wildfires in South of France: the CMA CGM Group takes action to restore natural areas in the Plaine des Maures

Friday, September 03rd 2021
  • CMA CGM is backing large-scale initiatives to help the private, municipal and state-owned forests ravaged by the fire that destroyed over 7,000 hectares. 
  • CMA CGM is contributing to the RESPIR fund to protect the soil and restore the devastated areas. 
  • The CMA CGM Group is committed to protecting the environment and biodiversity.  

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